How can I register?
Please find a registration form here (hyperlink to add)    
In which language will the event be held?
All the conferences from FinWinter will be held in English. 

Where will the event be held?

Is there any parking nearby?

What are the main topics that will be addressed during the conferences?
Payments, sustainable investments, decentralized marketplace, the advent of a new financial crisis

I don’t have a car, is there public transportation which goes to the event?
Is there Wi-Fi access on site?
Yes, the connection information will be displayed on the venue’s walls during the event

Is there a student discount?
As a student, you benefit from special registration fees of 30€ during the whole registration period. You should be able to provide a proof that you are still a student at the date of the event (or that you graduated less than 12 months ago) if the organizers ask one.

When will the Gala Dinner be held?
The Gala Dinner will be held on March 5th, 2020 at 7.30 pm at COMING SOON  

What are the opening times of the event?
From 9.00 am to 6.00 pm  

I want to participate as a startup.
We offer a startup ticket for 100€ excl.VAT. As a startup you also have the opportunity to present your innovative idea during pitch sessions, as well as benefit from a space within the startup village. For more information, contact team[at]finwinter[dot]com. 

I am a member of the press, can I get free access to the event?
Please ask for your accreditation to get free access to FinWinter by sending an email to team@finwinter.com

What is Human Capital Europe?
The FinWinter is the main gathering for financial professionals to share their best practices, analyse international financial markets & trends, review the relashionships between fin and reg – tech. It gives the participants the opportunity to build strategic roadmaps in terms of tax, treasury and compliance reporting, go in depth with current asset management, funds, (private) banking, treasury, regulation topics. This event contributes to guide financial professionals to the next level in a more technologic and customer-centric world. It is the perfect place to network with peers and future business partners.

Who are this year’s speakers?
You can find all our confirmed speakers here (hyperlink to add)

Can I buy tickets for my colleagues?
Yes, just ask for several tickets and enter their contact details when buying the tickets.

Who can I contact If I have a question?
For any further information, please contact team@finwinter.com

Where can I enter the promotion/discount code to benefit from a free/discounted ticket?
On our registration site enter the code by clicking on “Add Promotion code” and then on “apply” after entering it.

I did not get my ticket/confirmation e-mail. What can I do?
The event tickets/confirmation e-mail is send through our ticket platform Entertainrr. In order to get our e-mails, add us to your contact list. Check your spam folder, your tickets might be in there.